University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture

58th Croatian and 18th International Symposium on Agriculture
13 – 17 February 2023 | Hotel Lacroma, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The agricultural sector faces numerous challenges in providing humanity with sufficient quantities of healthy and nutritionally valuable food. Reducing the impact on the environment and the loss of biodiversity are the most important ones, as they directly affect the quality of life of all living beings. Therefore, new knowledge must be obtained through research and appropriately implemented into sustainable agricultural practices. In the field of agricultural research, scientists are actively seeking methods to discover procedures that will increase livestock and crop yields, improve farmland productivity, reduce disease- and insect-related losses, develop more efficient equipment, and improve overall food quality. Today, this research spans several disciplines, including circular bioeconomy, soil management, biodiversity conservation, environmental protection, information technology, and digitalization.

This Symposium covers the entire spectrum of agricultural research, divided into ten sections, and provides an excellent platform for scientists to share their latest findings. It also provides an opportunity to discuss further ideas within and between research areas. In addition, the symposium provides an opportunity to present new findings that can be implemented in agricultural practice, as industry representatives and farmers will also participate. I invite you to attend the Symposium and actively participate in the implementation of scientific findings in agricultural production.

Dean Ivica Kisić
University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture

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