Guidelines for Papers

Instructions for preparation of papers

Papers for the Symposium may be written in English or in Croatian. To enable a broader selection of referees, authors are encouraged to submit papers in English.

Authors are kindly asked to observe the following technical instructions:

  • Paper length, including text, tables, graphs, figures and abstract should not exceed 5 pages. Plenary lectures should not be longer than 10 pages.
  • Margins 3.0 cm left, 2.5 cm top, bottom and right. Authors are advised to make the maximum of the offered 5 pages, which will contribute to the quality of the paper and the Proceedings. Single spacing and justified alignment. Left alignment should be applied for the title, list of authors and subtitles. Use hanging indent (0.5 cm) for the list of references. Pages are not numbered.
  • Texts should be written in Microsoft Word for Windows, version 6.0 or higher, font Times New Roman, size 12 points. Titles should be written in bold lowercase letters, font size 14 points. Authors (full names and surnames) size 12 points, addresses size 11 points italic. Subtitles lowercase, bold, size 12 points. Use solely empty lines for line spacing (size 12 points): before subtitles, between the title and the list of authors, between authors’ names and addresses, before table titles and after tables. Start of a section/paragraph in text should not be indented by the tabulator; paragraphs should be separated using the enter key.
  • Papers should contain the title, list of authors (in one line), authors’ addresses (1 line for each address), abstract, keywords, introduction, material and methods, results and discussion, conclusions and references. Papers of Croatian authors written in English should contain the title, abstract and keywords in Croatian.
  • Full names and surnames of authors are written without titles. If all authors are not from the same institution, this should be marked by superscripts. Only for the contact person, E-mail should be added to the full address. As the Symposium has an international character, names of countries should be added to the addresses.
  • Abstracts contain the aim of the paper, essential research results and a brief conclusion. The authors are advised to make their abstracts short (700 characters, including spaces). Not more than five keywords should be given, separated by commas.
  • Tables (table width from the left to the right margin), graphs and photographs (black and white, with high resolution) must be incorporated into text. Numbers and titles of tables should be written above the tables. Table contents should be separated by a minimum set of horizontal lines (0.5 points). Illustrations and graphs are also numbered, with the numbers written below graphs. For reliable printing, graphs and illustrations should be submitted in one of the graphical or image formats (*.xls, *tif or *.jpg), solely in black and white rendition.
  • References should contain only used literature, in alphabetical order.
  • Papers will be reviewed by two referees from relevant fields. After required corrections, if any, papers will be language-edited.

An example of papers: example_paper.docx. Papers not written according to the technical instruction will be returned to the authors.

55th Croatian & 15th International Symposium on Agriculture
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